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Services For Banks

Specialized Services For Banks, Credit Unions, and Other Financial Institutions
Complimentary outside storage (unless vehicle is being stored in conjunction with our repossession service): Security fenced and dusk to dawn lighting. No storage charge while your units are waiting to be sold. Indoor storage: $5.00 per day. 
A daily storage charge will be assessed to the debtor, if the unit is redeemed. 
As an independent contractor, we will work closely to coordinate every step in the repossession service of your units. 
Drive-Away service: Transportation to the auction is $.45 per mile, wrecker or rollback service is also available. Call 319-394-3510 and ask for Monte Delzell for a personalized quote. 
Reconditioning services: Minor detail...Includes clean and vacuum interior, wash windows, clean and dress tires, and hand wash exterior and chamois...$30.
Complete detail...Steam and dress engine compartment, vacuum, shampoo and dress interior, clean door jambs, clean trunk compartment wash windows, wash and paint wheel wells and frame rails, clean and dress tires, wax exterior...$100.
Car Fax: Protect yourself against unsecured loans such as salvage vehicles or unknown mileage autos. Title history on 1982 models and newer...$15.
Our professional staff  has combined experience of over 200 years in the car business insuring you the experience required to maximize the sale price on every vehicle that we sell for you.
Whether the vehicle is rough or in mint condition, we have the buyers that will pay top wholesale dollar for the unit. 
In addition to our weekly sale every Tuesday at 6:00 PM, we promote a special Repossession Auction on the first Tuesday of every month. If you have vehicles that you would like to sell in that auction, let us know at least a week in advance so that we can include them in our flyers.