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  • Only licensed motor vehicle dealers or their authorized representative may do business at Dealers Choice Auto Auction.
  • Retail customers are not allowed on auction premises...with or without a licensed dealer
  • All vehicles consigned must be offered for sale on the auction block
  • No drafts are accepted
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to observe the flashing announcement light and be aware of oral announcements made from the auction block.
  • No vehicle is allowed to leave the auction premises without a gate pass. 
  • All "ifs" are treated as "one way". That is, the buyer is bound to the selling price within the parameters of the guarantee, but the seller may reject the selling price. 
  • Any arbitration must be initiated with an auction representative within 2 hours. The exception to this policy is on the following:  THE BUYER HAS 7 WORKING DAYS TO ARBITRATE (if not announced at the time of the sale) FLOOD VEHICLES FRAME DAMAGE CRACKED BLOCKS...ARBITRATOR'S DECISION IS FINAL
  • Title attached sales: Selling dealer has 21 days from the sale date to supply a negotiable title to the auction. Buyers: Do not sell or repair these vehicles until you receive the title. You are responsible for any expenditures that you choose to make on a TA vehicle.
  • Announcements must be made on the following before it is sold: Title attached sales...Salvage or previous salvage titles,  Iowa damage disclosure at or in excess of amount mandated by the state at the time of sale, flood vehicles, taxis, and police and commercial vehicles.

Ride and Drive...Auction Guarantee...As Is...Know your Unit and How to Represent It!

  • Ride and Drive ...Seller guarantees vehicle does not require mechanical parts in excess of $300. (Arbitrator's decision is final).
  • Auction Guarantee: Seller guarantees engine (bearings, crank, heads, block), transmission (no slip, no major leaks), differential and drive axels. (No bearing noise).

Not covered by Auction Guarantee

Ball joints Head gaskets Cams and Lifters Constant velocity joints
Tie rod ends Passing gear Windshield with visible cracks Torn drive axel boots
Turbos Air Conditioners Brakes and front suspension Wheel bearings
Spare tires and jacks Steering racks Shocks or struts Bad Valves
Alternators Steering sector Timing gear Blow by (engine)
Backlash and clunk visible defects Smoke Power accessories
Over heating Piston noise U-joints Tire noise


Buyer owns the Vehicle.


Title attached (all states), salvage or previous salvage title (all states), rebuilt titles, flood damage disclosure, frame damage, odometer not working.

Remember the Golden Rule when Selling your Automobiles